20 Life-Changing Habits of the Happy, Healthy, and Successful

We all try to be happy but don't realize happiness is not something to run after. Find out the 20 habits of the people who are happy, healthy, and successful.

20 Life-Changing Habits of the Happy, Healthy, and Successful
20 Life-Changing Habits of the Happy, Healthy, and Successful

20 Life-Changing Habits of the Happy, Healthy, and Successful

We all try to be happy but don't realize happiness is not something to run after. Find
out the 20 habits of the people who are happy, healthy, and successful.

In a world full of anxiety, happiness is hard to come by. We see and envy others for managing their
lifestyles so well. There are countless examples of happy people before us and the mistake we make is
that we assume that those happy people are happy all of the time.

Most of us think that happiness is something that should be permanent. When we come across it for a
few fleeting moments we never want to let it go. You should ask yourself: Do I need to be happy all of
the time? Should happiness always be a permanent feeling to be healthy and successful? What about
other feelings? The feelings we often perceive as negative should be there too. Feelings like
disappointment and sadness are ones that drive us forward in life too. These feelings, however scary to
us, when processed healthily can always do us good (mentally speaking if nothing else).
Again, the seemingly happy people that inspire us are not happy all of the time. Those happy people
learn to manage their feelings. They realize that like happiness comes and goes, what stays is
contentment, and the desire to move forward in life. They do not let feelings hold them down. They
learn to process them. Treat themselves with the utmost kindness when things go south.
If you want to learn about the habits of people who are happy, healthy, and successful, this is the article
for you. Here is a list of how happy, healthy, and successful people stay “happy.”

1- They know themselves the best

Happy individuals know themselves before they get to know others. They know their own trigger points.
They know what soothes them. They know what is best for them to stay content. You will find that many
happy people do not depend on others for happiness as they know themselves all to well to do
themselves a disservice like that.

2- They have an optimistic outlook on life

Happy and successful people have an overall optimistic outlook on life. That is not to say that they do
not ever get upset. That is also not to say that they do not ever get pessimistic either. What they do is
that they practice a little thing called self-compassion (discussed further). 

3- They practice self-compassion

Self-compassion, endorsed by countless able psychologists such as Steven Hayes, is a valuable strategy
that should be embraced during hard and good times. What it entails is that when you are feeling your
lowest, instead of chastising yourself, you see yourself through a more compassionate lens. For example, you fail your driving test. So instead of telling yourself, you are no good at anything, you tell
yourself it’s okay. That failing one mere test is not something that defines you as a person. It does not
calculate how intelligent you are. You tried once; you can always try again.
Practicing such a thing can do wonders for how you see yourself.

4- They say “no” unapologetically

Another thing to notice about happy, healthy, and successful people is that they say “no,” when they
aren’t up for something. And that is without any guilt. They do decline politely, maybe even throw in a
word of apology, but they never internally chew themselves out for doing it. 

There are many proper ways of saying “no”, such as, “Thank you for inviting me, unfortunately, I may
not be able to make it”, or “I’m sorry I can’t come today, can I take a rain check?”

5- They practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is an excellent form of meditation that involves keeping your negative or worrying thoughts
in mind and doing breathing exercises with them. This method helps you process your thoughts in a
healthy and productively.

6- They mingle with supportive people

Happy, healthy, and successful people are this way for a reason. They surround themselves with
supportive and like-minded people. They do not waste their time and energy on people that are
mentally draining and toxic. Better to be alone than with people who weigh you down. 

7- They listen intently

Another great habit that happy people possess is that they listen to other people’s problems sincerely.
They try their best to be thorough listeners to their good friends and loved ones. 

8- They are self-disciplined

Happy people are very well organized and practice self-control. They remain focused on their goals
however small they may be and try not to let other, less important things derail them. Controlling your
impulses is a difficult yet beneficial thing to master, as it only helps you to move forward in life easier. 

9- They are content with what they have

Being grateful for the things you already have is a habit that helps you in the long term. They have an
abundance mindset instead of a scarcity one. This means that they make it a habit to see the glass as
half full, however, cliché that may sound. 

10- They save

Instead of throwing away all their money on things that might not do them any good, they save up. This
habit not only gives them a sense of financial security, but they can also power through any kind of
future financial storm that comes their way.

11- They do not let trends dictate their lifestyles

One of the most impressive habits of happy, healthy, and successful people includes them not being
easily swayed by short-lived trends. They are content with who they are and the way they dress and the
things they possess. This is a quality that is rare but makes you different from others.

12- They are inquisitive

These kinds of people are not afraid to ask questions, however simple they may be. This is a good habit
that gives you more clarity and a better grasp of the subject you are asking about. They do not let the
whispering and snickers of other people stop them from asking the questions they need to. They do not
shy away looking inept or inexperienced.

13- They are considerate

These people are considerate to others, and that kindness comes from the soul. They understand other
peoples’ struggles because they have experienced them themselves. They reach out to other people
when they because they know what it is like to struggle. 

14- The appreciate themselves

One of the secrets of happy, healthy, and successful people is that they pat themselves on the back for
every emotionally taxing thing they do doesn’t matter how trivial. 

This habit gives you different kinds of self-confidence. What people do not know is that self-approval is
more crucial than seeking approval from others.

15- They hold themselves accountable for their actions

These people take responsibility for the mistakes they make. They never pass the blame onto others and
always admit when they are wrong about something.

The most unwise thing you can do after making a mistake is playing the victim or shifting the blame onto
someone else. This only makes you seem irresponsible.

16- They are not vindictive

A simpler synonym for this would be “being petty.” A happy person not vengeful. They do not
participate in back-and-forths that will only bring themselves and the other person/people harm. This is
because they do not need excess baggage. They process their feelings and just move on. 

17- They keep healthy

One of the habits of happy, healthy, and successful people one should emulate is to eat healthily. This is
because a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Of course, there is no harm in eating fast food from time
to time. However, it is still crucial to try to keep a healthy balance in ones eating habits.

18- They are well-rested

Getting proper rest also positively impacts the mind. When you don’t rest enough, you may be more
irritable and lack focus on what you are doing. This is why getting enough rest should be a part of a
happy person’s life.

19- They reach out for help when needed

Happy and healthy people ask for support from their close friends and loved ones when they are going
through a challenging time. They do not let their egos or mental rigidity dictate them. There is never any
harm in trusting your loved ones to help you get out of a rough patch. 

Humans are designed to be social; no human can survive on their own for long in terms of mental

20- They work on their relationships 

As the title suggests, happy people work on their relationships with their loved ones, spouses, and
friends. They are also dependable and trustworthy because they realize the power of healthy and happy


This concludes our list of the 20 habits of people who are happy, healthy, and successful. 

As discussed earlier, happiness is not an accomplishment to be made. It is not a feeling to run after. It is
a way of life. And with lifelong happiness, come other feelings too. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that
should be welcomed warmly, but not trapped.

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